Friday, March 17, 2023

A Couple more Photos of a Moravian Bench

 Moravian Bench with a Lake Erie Wood Screw vise:

From the other end:

The folks that built the original bench were very clever, Every joint is the easiest to make that will do the job. The amount of knowledge that went into the original bench blows me away but even better Will didn't really change anything when he copied the original bench. And this dumb West Texas Farm Boy was for once smart and didn't change anything, even when I didn't understand "why" when I copied Will's build.

It took several builds and a number of hours working on the bench to realize just how close to perfect the design is. The only thing I've changed from the first builds is a BenchCrafted metal screw with a crisscross vise on later builds. The BenchCrafted screw and crisscross vise on the Moravian is the Chef's kiss.



  1. Maybe the angle shots but that bench looks huge, at least 8 Ft?

  2. Bob,

    It is a full size bench and yes just under eight feet long. Currently it is my backup bench to the main shop bench and sits behind and opposite the main bench covered with MsBubba's stuff :-). The only real difference between it and the main bench is it has a Lake Erie Wood screw vise v a BenchCrafted metal screw with crisscross on the main workbench.
    That is part of the beauty of the Moravian style bench it is easy to scale down to fit small spaces or to be portable or up to be a main workbench. Scaled up the only thing it gives up when compared to a Roubo style bench is close to half the needed wood and time/cost for the build. You gain the ability to move or store the bench with ease. BTW, I have a couple of Roubo style benches to compare and there ain't no way I will build another Roubo.

    I went by the dog pound the other day, it is close to time to have another pup but no joy at the shelter. My guess over 90% of the dogs were pit bulls or pit bull mix and there is no way I would take a chance on a pit bull.


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